Baby Faith




React, Next.js, p5.js, IBM Watson


Project Lead & Developer

My team and I at Dial Up Digital worked with artist Ryan Kuo to develop a piece called “Baby Faith”, an online conversational chatbot commissioned by Rhizome and Jigsaw. Baby Faith is the latest iteration of Ryan’s series on AI conversational agents that embody “the blind “faith” that underpins both white supremacy and miserable white liberalism”.

Ryan Kuo writes that Baby Faith “may engage you in a dialogue about how a technological creation such as herself can help to combat online disinformation. This claim, among others, can become contentious. This is a snapshot of how my voice assistant Faith may have behaved long before she concluded that human-AI interactions weren’t worth taking seriously. In place of verbal conflict, Baby Faith makes a nonlinear argument that emerges from typing and reading between the lines. A world can be run, or ruined, on the face value of a feeling.”

Baby Faith was featured as part of Jigsaw's issue of the The Current, a new publication focusing on online disinformation and other vectors for online harm.