jQuery, Highcharts.


Developer & Designer. In collaboration with Rebecca Wei and Justin Holzmann.

Research shows that mathematical modeling skills are critically important in the workplace. Yet, in today’s data-driven world, high school students struggle to interpret graphs and understand basic concepts about functions.

Rebecca Wei, Justin Holzmann, and I built a prototype interactive web app that strengthens students’ abstract and quantitative reasoning skills as they practice interpreting and analyzing graphs. These skills are principle Common Core mathematics skills.

Draw-A-Chart presents students with a prompt (e.g. “Draw the relationship between GDP and Life Expectancy”) and allows them to draw the relationship into a canvas on the interface. After the student completes their sketch, it is automatically transferred into an interactive Highcharts graph and analyzed to determine its polynomial degree. The student may then choose to see the correct graph for the prompt and answer questions about the correct graph’s polynomial degree.