Visuals for 'Versions'




CoGe, Giphy, AKAI MP32.


Individual Project

To support musical artist Jasper Lotti's 'Versions' project, I created a live-mixed VJ (video jockey) set. These visuals were a backdrop for Jasper Lotti's live performances at Elsewhere, H0L0, and Playground Coffee.

Jasper gave me an initial specification on the visual direction she was aiming for: “As for aesthetics, im rlly into like optical illusion type stuff”. Using her guidance, I found an array of GIFs and clips, which were primarily sourced from Giphy. To create the performance visuals, I imported all of the clips into CoGe VJ, setup visual effects and multi-clip outputs, and mapped all of the controls to an AKAI MPD32. This allowed me to control effects and combine clips in accordance with the dynamics of the performance.

Thanks to Kimari Hazward for providing a clip and feedback on these visuals prior to the first VJ performance. Photos by Daniel E. Photography.