A Ritual Transpondence




Max MSP, Multi-channel Audio, Teensyduino, Concrete, Cowrie Shells, Nails, Palm Oil, Speakers.


Individual Project

"A Ritual Transpondence" is a multi-channel sound performance invoking ritualistic techniques from my upbringing in Ifa spiritual practices. The performance centers audio samples of my living family members repeating the names of our deceased ancestors in a call-and-response format, which produces a chanting sound that is modulated by a handmade MIDI controller that I operate from behind five handmade concrete sculptures representing a deity responsible for the transmission of prayers from earth to heaven. The placement of the controller's knobs across the sculptures forces me into a stretched kneel, referencing a gesture of respect that is used when greeting elders or visiting shrines. Sonically, the performance itself involves a digression from an organized chanting into a chaotic roar, highlighting the precarity and franticness of my experiences with grief and mourning.

Transpondence makes reference to transponder devices, which receive signals and then transmit the signal with a different format or potency in response. "A Ritual Transponder", captures my use of a sonic device that receives chants of my living family members and transmits them to a place where my deceased loved ones can hear them.