Bomani Oseni McClendon is an engineer living in Brooklyn, NY.

Bomani studies the ways that Black health outcomes are influenced by a history of scientific racism, examining his own proximity to techno-solutionist monocultures and the medical industry as a starting point. By exploring the shortcomings of scientific practice, Bomani hopes to highlight the validity of other ways of knowing.

School for Poetic Computation

10-Week Spring Session

2019 - 2019

Northwestern University

B.S in Computer Science

2013 - 2017

Guest Speaker at "Introduction to Machine Learning for the Arts"

NYU Interactive Media Arts, October 2020

New York, NY

Panelist at Institute for Entrepreneurship

Prep for Prep, July 2020

New York, NY

Guest Critic for "Intro to Web" Course

NYU Integrated Digital Media, May 2020

New York, NY

Creative Pathways in Computer Science (with Omayeli Arenyeka)

Harlem Children's Zone, February 2020

New York, NY

"Interactive Projection Mapping with Processing"

The School of Afrotectopia, January 2020

New York, NY

Panel Discussion at Decode Experiential Vol. V

Lightbox, September 2019

New York, NY

"Advice & Insights for Institute For Entrepreneurship Students"

Upperline Code, August 2019

New York, NY

"Code As An Artistic Medium"

WordHack, May 2019

New York, NY

Meet the Students Spring 2019

School for Poetic Computation, March 2019

New York, NY

"Interactive Projection Mapping with Processing!"

Processing Community Day NYC, February 2019

New York, NY

Panel Discussion at Student Assembly

Avenues: The World School, December 2018

New York, NY

"Making Mushrooms Glow"

!!Con, May 2017

New York, NY

"'Hacking' Mobile Apps"

Open Lab, November 2016

Evanston, IL

"Serving Social Change: Leveraging the Internet for the Empowerment of Social Movements"

MozFest, November 2015

London, England

Interact (Upcoming, 2021)



Clinic for Open Source Arts

Grant Fellow


Processing Foundation

ml5.js Fellow



Software Design Fellow


Delta Lab

Undergraduate Research Fellow

2016 - 2017

Knight Lab

Technical Fellow

2015 - 2017