Dial Up Digital




React, React Native, Expo



Dial Up Digital is a creative development studio focused on building unique digital experiences for artists and organizations working in music and new media. 

Since 2019, Dial Up Digital has designed and developed the digital package for The Summer Smash, Lyrical Lemonade's yearly rap music festival in Chicago. Our mobile festival applications for iOS and Android have supported over 60,000 festival attendees and has reached #18 in the US music app charts.

Dial Up Digital has worked with artists to support them in realizing complex software projects. For example, we worked with Ryan Kuo to develop a piece called “Baby Faith”, an online conversational chatbot commissioned by Rhizome and Jigsaw. Baby Faith is the latest iteration of Ryan’s series on AI conversational agents that embody “the blind “faith” that underpins both white supremacy and miserable white liberalism”. Baby Faith was featured as part of Jigsaw's issue of The Current, a publication focusing on online disinformation and other vectors for online harm.